Alinea is specializing in French language courses. It offers individual courses or courses in small groups for individuals or companies.

Alinea offers different course types:

general Frenchprofessional French (Business French, French for Banking and Finance, French for Assistants, French in Tourism, French in Hotel and Hospitality Management), conversationpreparation for DELF exam, preparation for IB (International Baccalaureate) French exams, preparation for Cambridge IGCSE French exams.

With Alinea, you can start and interrupt your course work at any time in the year. At the beginning, there is no commitment for you. In the first lesson I will offer you a consultation where I will set your objectives and choose the type of study that will be the most suitable for you.

I am convinced that language study can be effective only in small groups where everybody can play an active role within the teacher-student relationship. The Alinea courses follow this approach so you can study French in the best conditions. I offer you a choice between individual courses and courses in small groups, so that I can adapt to your budget, objectives and time.

Why learn French?

French is a language spoken in every continent by about 300 million people. It is the fifth most commonly used language in the world and, as a taught language, it is the most popular after English.

In the working environment, language skills are often the decisive factor during the recruitment of people with similar qualifications. This is why knowledge of French or English is a big advantage in the job market. This applies especially to the Czech Republic where there are a lot of French companies among foreign investors.

French is also one of the most important languages in European Union institutions and organizations, like the UN and UNESCO.

French is an important cultural language and mastering it will allow you to enjoy reading authors as Balzac, Camus or Saint-Exupéry in the original…

Knowing French is also useful when travelling to France, the world’s top tourist destination, but also to other Francophone countries like Canada, Monaco, Switzerland, Belgium, Luxembourg and many other countries in Africa…

After English and German, French is the most commonly used language on the internet.

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