Courses on offer

If you are an individual or a company, if you need professional education, intensive courses or tutorial (coaching) classes at home, Alinea can offer you a wide range of French courses that will suit your needs:

  • General French: general language studying

    Alinea offer courses based on a systematic, complete and progressive methodology and focused on the practical usage of the French language with the aim of developing skills in the fields of communication, language and culture. My courses follow a specific and detailed plan composed of different thematic units. Each unit contains listening and reading comprehension, grammar and vocabulary exercises and a brief introduction to French civilization and culture. Both audio documents (songs, film extracts, interviews…) and written texts (letters, e-mails, articles from the press…) are used. In most cases the material is authentic, which allows students to understand French language and culture in a realistic context. Each unit is evaluated and so the development of the student is regularly checked. The student thus has concrete means to review his studies.

  • French conversation: easy and natural spoken language practice!

    Choose conversation lessons with Alinea and take advantage of courses with a French native speaker. The main objective of conversation courses is to work on different interactions which help develop the fluency of spoken language. Courses could be focused on different topics according to the student’s choice and they are based on various materials which support speaking skills: typically a series of questions around a central theme or based on newspaper articles, advertisements, visual documents, audio and video documents, quotations and proverbs… There is a focus on vocabulary broadening so that the student will be able to use his/her language skills automatically or develop them within a certain topic.

  • Preparation for DELF exam (A1, A2, B1 and B2 levels): objective success!

    The DELF  Diploma (Diplôme d'Etudes en Langue Française) is the official certificate issued by the French Ministry of Education within the education of teachers of FLE (Français Langue Etrangère). This diploma is in accordance with levels of the CEFR . Thanks to the DELF Diploma, you will be able to demonstrate your language competency level in French. DELF certificates are recognized by most international authorities so they will be useful for your university studies as well as the job market. My goal is to prepare you for these exams with a programme focused on four examined competencies: listening comprehension, reading comprehension, writing and speaking. Throughout the course you will work on different exercises, from basic to advanced, and different exam topics so that on exam day you will be confident enough to pass.

  • Professional French

    Professional French courses are designed to suit the needs of companies. Their aim is to encourage students to communicate in French in common situations related to their job and to help them acquire technical terminology. We will develop the course programme according to real-life work situations and each lesson will thematically follow the previous one. We will study grammar in relation to work tasks. The students are taught to identify unknown words and language structures in documents they work with and then use them in activities related to their jobs. Alinea offers the following courses:

    - Business French: for students and professionals who need to have communications skills related to a business context (setting up a company, human resources, marketing, business correspondence…).

    - French for Assistants: this is a course for secretaries and personal assistants as well as for students who are preparing for this job. The course programme specializes in situations that can happen in the professional context (organization of the workplace, distribution of information within the office, communication with external partners…).

    - Tourism: for all who need to communicate in French in the field of tourism. There are several thematic units in the course (welcoming Francophone clients, preparation and presentation of the programme for a tour-guide, destination offers, organization and sale of tourist products, preparation of guided excursions…).

    - Hotel and Hospitality Management: for hotel and restaurant staff who are in direct contact with Francophone clients. This course is focused on professions in Hotel Management (receptionist, chambermaid, landlady) and on professions in Hospitality Management (head waiter, waiter, sommelier). The course offers communication in situations which are interrelated.                                                            

          Required level: false beginner/intermediate, A2/B1 level of the Common European Framework for Languages.

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